Please read this Care & Safety Information page before using Sokka products in order to ensure you are known with the products features and instruction for use.

- In recent years, the market for whip cream charger is blooming. What is Sokka competitiveness in the market? We owns factory with rich experience in this industry to ensure that expertise and great knowledge goes behind production for all of our products. Our cylinder meets TUV standards and MSDS.

- Cream Charger is filled nitrous oxide gas in steel cylinder. Nitrous Oxide helps cream into whipped state when dispensing. Sokka cylinders should always stay in a upright position when transportating and use. Do not place it on its side or upside-down to avoid exploding.

- Sokka highly suggests that you keep a safe distance with the whipped cream charger for proper safety when using while in the cafe, bar and kitchen.

- The cream charger steel cylinder is 100% recyclable and can be donated to any steel recycling programs.

- The misuse of Nitrous Oxide is seriously dangerous, the risks include narcosis, asphyxiation and potentially, death. Not under any circumstances should you inhale the gas released from these cream chargers.

- Sokka Cream Chargers are produced for catering purposes ONLY. We never sell products to person who under 18 years of age or who misuse the products.

- Keep Sokka away from the sun and only in room temperature (50℃ max temperature)