About Us

Welcome to Sokka Gas, we are a new born company with energetic vitality and creativity,   Sokka Gas is a manufacturer which located in Zhejiang Province, China,we are committed to providing high quality cream whippers, whipped cream chargers and all necessary whipped cream products.

With the advancement of technology, we want to provide better service to everybody, and we are committed to bring you the best quality whipped cream products at the best price, and to provide you with efficient kitchen appliances to achieve twice the result with half the effort in the cooking process!

Our company has reformed and innovated in many aspects, such as material, size, flavor, etc., to provide more dealers with high-quality products and attentive after-sales service. Our company serves customers with serious and responsible attitude and sincere heart. Adhering to the service concept of warm and friendly, customer satisfaction, we have gained many new and old customers.

Through a number of certifications, excellent corporate creditworthiness, the transaction of customers are highly evaluated, the strength of the company's brand from the company's steady, more from the customer's recognition, the company adheres to the customer's point of view to consider the issue of customer service with all the heart and soul of the customer to get the new and old customer satisfaction and recognition!