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Cream Deluxe Cream Charger 615g: The Ultimate Whipped Cream Solution

Cream Deluxe Cream Charger 615g is a premium product that is used to create fluffy whipped cream, mousse, and other delicious desserts. These chargers are made with high-quality food-grade nitrous oxide that is tested to be 99.9% pure. The product is wrapped in high-grade aluminum, which ensures that the chargers are strong and durable.

Cream Deluxe Cream Charger 615g is a fully disposable and recyclable product that comes with a pressure regulator. It is armed with 615 grams of nitrous oxide, which makes it perfect for filling up cream dispensers quickly and easily. The product is designed to provide users with extraordinary cocktails and desserts that are sure to impress.

Whether you are a professional chef or a home cook, Cream Deluxe Cream Charger 615g is an excellent choice for creating delicious and fluffy desserts. The product is easy to use and provides consistent results every time. With its high-quality ingredients and durable construction, Cream Deluxe Cream Charger 615g is a must-have for anyone who loves to cook and bake.

Product Overview

What Is Cream Deluxe 615g

Cream Deluxe 615g is a brand of nitrous oxide (N2O) cream charger used for whipping cream, making mousse, and creating other desserts. This product is designed to be used with a dispenser that can be filled with cream or other ingredients, and then pressurized with the N2O charger to create whipped cream or other culinary delights.

Key Features

The Cream Deluxe 615g charger has several key features that make it stand out from other N2O chargers on the market. These features include:

  • High Purity: Cream Deluxe 615g chargers are made from food-grade N2O that has been tested for purity and is 99.9% pure. This ensures that there are no impurities or contaminants that could affect the taste or quality of the finished product.

  • Lightweight: Cream Deluxe 615g chargers are made from lightweight aluminum that makes them easy to handle and store. This also makes them ideal for use in professional kitchens or for home cooks who want to create restaurant-quality dishes.

  • Pressure Regulator: Some Cream Deluxe 615g chargers come with a pressure regulator that allows users to control the amount of N2O that is released into the dispenser. This can help prevent over-pressurization, which can cause the dispenser to malfunction or break.

  • Midnight Edition: The Cream Deluxe Midnight Edition 615g charger is a special edition that features a black aluminum casing. This charger is designed to be both stylish and functional, and is perfect for use in high-end restaurants or for special events.

Overall, Cream Deluxe 615g chargers are a high-quality product that can help home cooks and professional chefs alike create delicious desserts and other culinary creations. With their high purity, lightweight design, and other key features, these chargers are a great choice for anyone who wants to take their cooking to the next level.

Usage Instructions

How to Use

Using Cream Deluxe Cream Charger 615g is an easy and straightforward process. To use the cream charger, follow these simple steps:

  1. First, ensure that the cream dispenser is clean and dry.
  2. Next, insert the cream charger into the holder of the dispenser.
  3. Screw the charger holder onto the dispenser.
  4. Shake the dispenser vigorously to allow the cream and nitrous oxide to mix.
  5. Press the lever to dispense the whipped cream.

It is important to note that one charger is enough to dispense up to 0.5L of whipped cream. For best results, it is recommended to use the cream dispenser immediately after the cream has been whipped.

Safety Guidelines

While using Cream Deluxe Cream Charger 615g, it is important to follow safety guidelines to avoid any accidents. Here are some safety guidelines to keep in mind:

  1. Store the cream charger in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat.
  2. Do not puncture or incinerate the cream charger, even after use.
  3. Keep the cream charger out of reach of children.
  4. Only use the charger with a compatible cream dispenser.
  5. Do not inhale the contents of the cream charger.
  6. Do not dispose of the cream charger in a fire or hot oven.

By following these simple usage instructions and safety guidelines, you can enjoy the perfect whipped cream every time with Cream Deluxe Cream Charger 615g.

Compatibility and Equipment

Compatible Devices

The Cream Deluxe Cream Charger 615g is compatible with most cream whippers available in the market. However, it is always recommended to check the compatibility of the device before purchasing the cream charger. The Cream Deluxe Cream Charger 615g is compatible with various brands of cream whippers, including iSi, Mosa, and Liss. One can easily find the compatibility details of the device on the manufacturer's website or the product packaging.

Maintenance Tips

To ensure the longevity of the Cream Deluxe Cream Charger 615g, it is essential to follow proper maintenance tips. The manufacturer recommends keeping the device in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. It is also advised to store the device in an upright position to prevent any leakage.

Before using the cream charger, it is recommended to clean the cream whipper thoroughly. One can use warm soapy water to clean the whipper, and the cream charger can be rinsed with lukewarm water. It is important to ensure that the device is completely dry before using it to avoid any moisture-related issues.

In case of any malfunctioning or damage to the device, it is advised to contact the manufacturer or authorized service center for repair or replacement. It is not recommended to repair or modify the device on one's own, as it can lead to safety hazards.

Overall, the Cream Deluxe Cream Charger 615g is a reliable and efficient tool for making whipped cream. By following the compatibility and maintenance tips, one can ensure the device's longevity and enjoy the perfect whipped cream every time.

Purchase and Availability

Where to Buy

Cream Deluxe Cream Charger 615g is available for purchase from various online retailers and local distributors. Customers can buy the product from Cream Deluxe's official website, The website offers a wide range of products, including Cream Deluxe Gold, which is the newest addition to their N2O catalog. Customers can get a wholesale quote by filling out the form available on the website.

In addition to the official website, Cream Deluxe Cream Charger 615g is also available on and Customers can purchase the product in bulk from these websites.

Local distributors also carry Cream Deluxe Cream Charger 615g. Customers can check with their local catering supply stores or restaurant supply stores to see if they carry the product.

Price Comparison

The price of Cream Deluxe Cream Charger 615g varies depending on the retailer and the quantity purchased. Customers can expect to pay around $60 to $70 for a case of 240 chargers. The price per charger decreases as the quantity purchased increases. Customers can save money by purchasing the product in bulk from online retailers.

It is important to note that the quality of the product should be the main consideration when making a purchase. Customers should choose a reputable retailer that offers high-quality products and excellent customer service.

Customer Support and Warranty

Warranty Information

Cream Deluxe offers a limited warranty on their cream chargers. If the product is found to have defects in materials or workmanship, the company will replace the product free of charge. The warranty period starts from the date of purchase and lasts for one year. The warranty does not cover damages caused by misuse, abuse, or normal wear and tear.

To claim the warranty, customers need to contact the Cream Deluxe customer service department and provide proof of purchase. The company will then provide instructions on how to return the product for inspection. If the product is found to be defective, Cream Deluxe will replace it with a new one.

Customer Service Contacts

Cream Deluxe has a customer service team that is available to help customers with any questions or concerns they may have. Customers can contact the company by phone, email, or through the contact form on their website.

The customer service team is knowledgeable and friendly, and they are committed to providing excellent service to their customers. They can help customers with everything from product information to warranty claims.

Customers can also find answers to common questions on the Cream Deluxe website. The website has a FAQ section that provides information on topics such as product use and safety, shipping and returns, and warranty information.

Overall, Cream Deluxe is committed to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service. Their warranty and customer service policies demonstrate their confidence in their products and their commitment to customer satisfaction.